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The loss of a loved one is always a very emotional, potentially financial devastating and grief stricken time. This is especially true when the loss is sudden and is the result of the negligence of another. No one understands that more than the Mesa wrongful death attorneys at Marco Injury Law. Mr. Marco lost his son, Lawyer For Wrongful Death Lawsuits near Mesa Arizona violently, and that experience gives our firm a certain perspective in these cases you just cannot find elsewhere. We want to help and we understand. Because we understand, we are patient and reassuring, in this, maybe the worse time of your life.

Arizona Revised Statutes (primarily Sections 12-611 through 12-613) allow two groups to bring claims against the person or company responsible for the death. The first group is the immediate, surviving family members of the deceased. Spouses, children and parents may bring a wrongful death claim in Arizona to recover damages for their emotional, psychological and physical (companionship) distress. The second group, the decedent’s estate, may bring an action for medical expenses, funeral costs and loss of the decedent’s future income. This is called a survival action.

These cases involve negligence, which means that the person or corporation must be “at fault” for the death. This negligent act may be due to a breach of a standard of care, or “intentional” due to the act being so dangerous that the risk of harm was elevated.

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If you or someone you know is dealing with a wrongful death, please contact Marco Injury Law. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in wrongful death law. Our firm handles personal injury and wrongful death claims throughout Arizona. Marco Injury Law is affordable and we offer a free case evaluation. We are the trustworthy and experienced attorneys that will help you get what you deserve while handling your case. Call today for a free case evaluation.

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