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About Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites: They are scary, they are painful and they may even leave life long deformities or disfigurement such as scars or even lost fingers. A dog bite is a special kind of case. The problem is, the insurance industry knows this too so they write their policies in ways that either exclude dog bite injuries entirely from coverage or limit the amount that they will pay for a dog bit claim.

Another problem is that most dog bite cases occur at the home of a family member or friend or even the next door neighbor. This causes conflicting emotions in the dog bite victim, who needs to understand that a claim against a homeowner’s insurance company is not the same as suing your friend, or your sister-in-law.

People who own certain breeds of dogs know there is a chance that their dog may bite someone; some guard against that better than others.

At Marco Injury Law, PLLC located in Gilbert, Arizona we understand that dog bite cases have to be handled a certain way. These are not just cases about pain; there are emotions and sometimes even feelings of guilt associated with the victim. There may be insurance policy arguments and certainly there will be arguments over the permanent nature of the injury. You need a Gilbert personal injury attorney not only experienced enough to handle your claim, but who has the time and the resolve to help you understand the process, who keeps you informed, who returns your emails and phone calls and who can listen with empathy. You certainly do not need a lawyer who looks at your dog bite injuries and just sees quick money!

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What do I do if I got bit by a dog?

If you got attacked by a dog that left you a very harmful injury, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our lawyers at Marco Injury Law. Many people never expect to be injured by a dog/animal they see as a friend or loved one most of the time. Mostly dogs that attack, the owners are usually careless and responsible for their dock of lack in training them properly. Emotional and physical scars can be caused for many years if you have been bitten by a dog.

If you know someone or yourself has been harmed or attacked from a dog bite, please call Marco Injury Law today. Marco Injury Law has tons of experience and efficiency to help you get what you deserve. Contact us today and learn more how we can help you!

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