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The last years have been trying for many of Mesa residents and most of us know someone who had to file for bankruptcy. There is still shame and guilt associated with bankruptcy, but people are coming to comprehend that the purpose of bankruptcy is not to shame the debtor, but to afford them a new lease on life, free of a financial burden that has become to much to shoulder on their own. Your Mesa Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer can help you in determining which Chapter is right for your particular financial situation.

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you have made the important first step of acknowledging that your financial situation is in need of a serious overhaul. If you are a consumer who is unable to make ends meet and pay monthly expenses,a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy could potentially be one way to help you through this hard financial times. Andrea Wimmer is the Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney at Marco Injury Law and can help you to get your finances and life back on track. While you could try to file for bankruptcy on your own, it is highly advisable to consult a bankruptcy lawyer who can ensure that everything is filed correctly and no costly mistakes are made.

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Marco Injury Law’s Mesa Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys have many years of professional experience in dealing with bankruptcy proceedings and helping their clients to regain charge of their finances and financial future. We understand that bankruptcy can be a touchy and humbling subject and we are there for you every step of the way. Putting her clients first, Andrea Wimmer guides them through the bankruptcy process while making herself available to answer questions and diffuse concerns. For your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy you want the best lawyer for the case.

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What Is A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

While almost everyone has heard of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy before, unless you had to deal with one yourself, you probably have question of its implication and conditions. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, which is also called liquidation bankruptcy and which has been devised to afford the debtor a fresh start without suffocating financial burdens. While a Chapter 7 may be a good fit for your individual situation and erases most of your debt, it is important to keep in mind that it has its downsides, as well, such as loss of property, for example.

Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

By consulting Marco Injury Law’s bankruptcy professionals, you can be sure that your bankruptcy will be filed properly and move along smoothly and swiftly. The benefit of a Chapter 7 filing is that as soon as it is filed, an “automatic stay” stops the majority of collection attempts and no charges for payment can be filed while the stay is in place. It is important to note that the duration of the stay varies and may not prevent all collection attempts. Our attorneys can file for Chapter 7 on your behalf and ensure that your best financial interests are met.

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Filing for Chapter 7 has advantages as well as disadvantages and only an experienced Mesa Bankruptcy can help you determine if it is the best solution for your financial troubles. While Chapter 7 discharges most unsecured debts,there are a variety of debts that cannot be discharged such as income taxed which are less than three years old, alimony and child support payments and certain others.

To determine if a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is right for you, contact our office today. Andrea Wimmer, is our Mesa Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer and will guide you expertly through this trying process. She can file on your behalf and explain to you what is involved and what filing for bankruptcy will mean for your (financial) future. We can also assist you with debt relief counseling or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

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