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Filing for bankruptcy has become an acceptable way of eliminating crushing debt and take a financial burden of Mesa residents that they just cannot shoulder anymore on their own. No matter if you qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you will have to take a credit counseling class by an accredited agency. This can be done online, on the phone, and of course, in person. An experienced lawyer can assist you with legal debt relief strategies and counsel you about which bankruptcy chapter might be right for you.

Our Mesa Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney can help you to sort out your financial situation. Generally speaking, Chapter 13 requires are higher rate of debtor involvement such as attending the creditors meeting, for example. General requirements for bankruptcy include that the debtor has to live within the U.S. or have a place of business in the U.S. The means test helps to determine which Chapter is the right fit for your financial situation. If all of these requirements are satisfied, we can go ahead and start getting you back on your financial feet.

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys

To ensure that you get the most out of your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and the fresh start you deserve, consult your Mesa Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney before making any decisions. Andrea Wimmer is the bankruptcy professional at Marco Injury Law and has helped countless clients to get back on their feet and face the future with a positive outlook. If you let an experienced lawyer handle your bankruptcy for you, you can be certain that nothing goes overlooked. While it might cost you a bit more employing the assistance of a lawyer, it will save you money by not making costly errors.

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What Is A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

So how exactly is a Chapter 13 different from a Chapter 7? Well, the main difference is that instead of selling of asset and property, the debtor gets to keep most of it. Instead, a payment plan is established which uses your income to gradually satisfy your creditors’ claims. These installments usually have a duration of three to five years and the bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for 10 years. Because you do not have to liquidate everything as you would in a Chapter 7 but restructure your debt and payments while keeping most of your property, Chapter 13 is also called “reorganization” bankruptcy.

Filing For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

By filing Chapter 13 you prevent your wages from being garnished, your car repossessed or even home foreclosure. Filing your Mesa Chapter 13 Bankruptcy also enacts an “automatic stay” much like in a Chapter 7 and additionally could protect you from losing your home or car with a cramdown if certain requirements are met. The cramdown may enable you to obtain reduced interest rates or principal payments on any property your are upside down on. While filing Chapter 13 does not eliminate debt completely, it offers a great way to reboot your finances and take charge of your financial future.

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Mesa residents who find themselves in financial straights and don’t know how to make payments they cannot afford should consult with their Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney to discuss debt relief and bankruptcy as possible solutions to their individual situations. Andrea Wimmer is Mesa’s top bankruptcy attorney and has guided many clients successfully through their bankruptcy and assisted them in regaining a positive outlook on their financial future.

To determine if and which bankruptcy is the right fit for you, contact our bankruptcy attorney at Marco Injury Law today for a free, no-obligation bankruptcy consultation. Let us help you to start over, with and after bankruptcy!

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