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Despite harsh economic times, Bankruptcy is still a taboo that people rarely talk about and are skittish when it comes up in conversation. There is still shame and misunderstanding attached to it, because it is still thought to only befall uneducated and lazy people. But fact is that even those who are financially responsible and have made smart decisions for years, can suddenly face financial challenges that are suffocating them. The reasons for this can be as plenty as they are diverse; from divorce, to company lay-offs or shut down, to sudden illness or accident injuries. Because these changes often occur sudden, there is no way to financial prepare for them. But instead of viewing bankruptcy as a “dirty” word, consider it your way out of debt.

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Andrea Wimmer is the Bankruptcy Law Attorney at Marco Injury Law. She has years of experience in assisting her clients to reclaim their life and financial freedom after filing for bankruptcy. Through customized personal representation, she helps her clients to get a fresh start.

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What Is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy describes a legal status of an entity or person who is unable to repay his debt to creditors and is generally imposed by a court order. Your Mesa Bankruptcy Lawyer can help you to file for bankruptcy so that your debt is either eliminated or partially repaid while you are under the protection of the federal bankruptcy court. While a chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges most unsecured debts and some secured ones (if you surrender the property), there are types of debts that will stay with you. If you think that bankruptcy might be an option for you, contact your Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney. Remember: Bankruptcy Laws are designed to protect you.

Bankruptcy Services

Andrea Wimmer enjoys assisting clients to retake charge of their financial future and to finally get a good night’s sleep again. If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy or are wondering which Chapter is the right solution for your particular financial situation, she can help. We focus on assisting individuals with extensive consumer debt to get back on their feet through the right type of bankruptcy. We understand that bankruptcy is a scary and touchy subject for many, and we are here to help you through this. Andrea Wimmer can help you to determine if bankruptcy is the best course of action as well as assist you in filing and legally representing you.

Filing For Bankruptcy

While you certainly can file for bankruptcy without a Mesa Bankruptcy Lawyer, we strongly advice against it. Filing for bankruptcy results in legal protection from debt collectors as well as creditors. First, our lawyers will look at your financial situation and help to determine if you are eligible to file for bankruptcy at all. It pays to have a bankruptcy lawyer handle your bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy on your own can be disastrous if you overlook important information or make accidental omissions. Not working with a bankruptcy professional can be a costly mistake. Sometimes it is worth spending some extra money to get it right the first time.

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Call our Mesa AZ Bankruptcy Attorneys today for a free consultationAndrea Wimmer, Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney at Marco Wimmer PLLCIf you find yourself unable to pay your monthly bills and are losing sleep over your financial situation, we can help. Call your Mesa bankruptcy attorney today to find out if filing for bankruptcy is an option for your individual situation.

Andrea Wimmer enjoys helping her clients to get a fresh perspective in life and to start over without being weighed down my financial debts and worries.Years of experience as a bankruptcy lawyer make her uniquely qualified to assist you in taking charge of your financial situation.

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