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Andrea Wimmer, Your Downtown Mesa Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy can be an extremely scary word. And the “need” to file for bankruptcy can be hard to accept. But it is important to realize that nobody is safe from bankruptcy. Every single one of us can be hit by financial hardship at any given point in time. Maybe you lost your job, or you got sick, maybe your partner passed away or a parent, there are so many different reasons why one would end in debt and none of them are self-caused. Bankruptcy is not designed to punish consumers that are struggling, but to help them. Bankruptcy is meant to offer a fresh financial start, after a period of monetary struggles.

Andrea Wimmer is the consumer bankruptcy lawyer at Marco Injury Law and if you are in need of a downtown Mesa bankruptcy lawyer, she is your top choice. Years of experience combined with compassion and a passion for helping people make her relatable and highly effective during the bankruptcy process. She can help you to ensure that your bankruptcy is filed and proceeding properly and that no detail goes overlooked.

About Andrea Wimmer

If you are looking for an experienced bankruptcy attorney in downtown Mesa to assist you with your bankruptcy case, Andrea Wimmer can help. As a long-time Mesa bankruptcy lawyer, she has extensive experience with all facets of Arizona bankruptcy. She is passionate about helping her clients to leave the past behind them and to obtain a financial fresh start. Bankruptcy can be scary and emotionally devastating, but working closely with her clients, she gives them peace of mind and the assurance that a bright financial future is possible. An experienced and competent bankruptcy lawyer will take all your concerns seriously and take the time to explain the bankruptcy process step by step. Andrea Wimmer is that kind of lawyer. She has helped countless clients to get back on their financial feet.

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Downtown Mesa Bankruptcy

Here at Marco Injury Law, we take care of your bankruptcy case from the beginning to end. We will devote our time to ensuring that your bankruptcy is going exactly the way it should. From the first consultation to the final meeting, our bankruptcy lawyers are there for you. We will explain the bankruptcy process, step by step, file any paperwork that is required and are available to you, in case you have any questions. Andrea Wimmer, our downtown Mesa Bankruptcy attorney, will assess your financial situation and determine if you are a good candidate for bankruptcy and then determine which Chapter is right for you. The sooner you meet with a bankruptcy lawyer in Mesa, the sooner debt collectors will stop calling. Don’t wait to get back on your financial feet, call us today.

Bankruptcy Defined

Bankruptcy is not a stigma or a bad mark that floats above your head for the rest of your life. Bankruptcy laws have been designed to protect the debtors in a consumer bankruptcy. If you feel like you are drowning in debt and can’t keep up with your monthly payments, a bankruptcy might be the way out of your financial dilemma. There are two Chapters of consumer bankruptcies. One is Chapter 7 and the other Chapter 13. Chapter 7 is commonly considered to be a “discharge” bankruptcy, because most of your debt is, discharged. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy, on the other hand, is also called a “reorganization bankruptcy”, because your debt is restructured via payment plans. Your debt will be paid off in installments over the course of three or five years until the debt is satisfied.

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Chris A. – Mesa

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“I have been working with her for over a year and she is outstanding.”

5 Star Reviews of Marco Wimmer PLLC in Mesa Arizona

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Don’t wait! Schedule your free bankruptcy consultation today. Andrea Wimmer can help you in figuring out if bankruptcy (and which Chapter) is right for your financial situation. End your sleepless nights and the continued worries about paying bills and being indebted more than you would like and make a fresh start. Filing for bankruptcy is not a sign that you failed, but a sign that you do what it takes to be financially responsible.

Everyone deserves a sound financial future. Andrea Wimmer is you top downtown Mesa Bankruptcy Lawyer. Let her help you to get your finances back on track by filing for bankruptcy. Of course, bankruptcy consultations are free of fees and obligations. Contact our office today to set up YOUR initial bankruptcy and financial assessment.

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